Why Mindfulness (not Buddhism) is the Foundation to being a Conscious Leader

3 Keys to Mindful Entrepreneurship & Leadership Success that Endures

Having passion is not enough.
Drive and hard work are not the answers.
And focus without clarity is a path to nowhere.

Sounds a bit contrary to much of what we’ve been taught, but after running 3 companies, I believe nothing to be more true. True success in business is but an outcome of the success we find in ourselves.

Let’s define success through a question. What is success?

  1. Monetary outcome for the owner/founder (aka big exit)
  2. Getting to cash flow positive
  3. Making an impact on the world
  4. Doing something we are “passionate” about
  5. Finding our place of equanimity and purpose

Answer: E

Why? Because, there only 2 things in this world we strive for as humans (and science has proven this): meaning and connection.

1) Singular Life Alignment to “Be”
If we can achieve these 2 things then our health, happiness and well-being will be one, aligned with all that is meant to be. And when that happens, the suffering our small ego-mind creates simply goes away. The relationships we have and create are deep and fulfilling. We find great calm, equanimity and joy in our lives.

No amount of doing, will ever replace your being. Or who you are.

And so, if we can find our place to “be” and cultivate the capacity to fully live in the world as we should with compassion, acceptance and presence, life gets quite easy and light. If we can understand that even our own self-created “I am doing good in the world” or “I have found my passion” is not enough. These are just constructs of the mind wanting purpose. And yes, to do good… is good. Yet these are still just roles we play, and as many of my social entrepreneur friends have said, even when doing the best of work, it is not enough.

2) True Self Confidence from Within
Why? Because our work does not define truly who we are or our quality of life. Rather it is the depth of being that we cultivate to naturally (without trying) affect all those around us and become one with the greater world we live in. A place of deep understanding. A place that emanates the light serenity of true self-confidence. A place that allows us to connect openly and authentically with our fellow human beings. One that becomes our home within and allows us to truly find our path.

3) Re-define Beliefs
In this re-defined world, authenticity replaces accomplishment. Alignment replaces passion. Intentionality replaces hard work. And compassion replaces management skills. This is a place where we can all live, knowing we belong.  One that connects to a belief system that goes deeper and more intentional than the values we imbibe from modern day society. A belief that there is more to life than what we strive for today, and that the answers lie far beyond any recognition or accomplishment society can bestow on us.

One we call mindfulness.


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