The Wake-Up Call: How to Coach Conscious Leaders – an Online Programme

    We know how important conscious leadership is for the world - but as coaches, do we really know what it takes to coach our leadership clients towards becoming conscious leaders?

    This modular, online learning programme will provide you with everything you need to evoke rich transformation in your executive clients. You will learn how to stay ahead of the curve in the conscious business revolution with practical steps, impactful strategies and tools to support you in coaching your leaders towards business as a force for good.

    My life's purpose is dedicated to developing more conscious leaders in the world by identifying them, connecting them to one another, supporting them in their conversations, and distilling their qualities to pass on to others, thereby growing the pool of conscious leaders across the world. Over the years, I have studied conscious leaders, done deep research into their qualities, and devised an easy-to-understand framework that you can coach your leaders towards, which I described in my book Becoming a Conscious Leader.

    As coaches, we have the power to amplify the effects of conscious leadership throughout the world by working with our existing clients. All we need is a robust framework and a set of comprehensive tools to work with. This online course will give you both of these things and, in doing so, amp up your skills in coaching towards business as a force for good.

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    • aaronpkahlow3
      June 20, 2018 at 7:23 am
      5 /5

      Finally, a programme to help us Coaches! thanks Gina

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