To make it easy and accessible to find quality mindfulness and conscious leadership programs for those in need of a better way to show up at work and life. By curating the best programs in one place and then providing the sort/filter tools for finding the right solution, the Conscious Directory Project makes it simple for everyone to find the experience they need.


A Collective entity committed to accelerating human consciousness as a movement and industry by making it easy for the world to understand, engage and find what they need at any given stage of life or workplace transformation. The directory is created and governed by the Conscious Collective, a collective of leading institutions and thought-leaders in the space of the conscious leadership, business and mindful self-development with the sole objective of furthering the greater industry who seek to make the world a more mindful, conscious and compassionate place.


Quality Approach to Listings
Every listing on the directory will go through a 3 step process.   First, the submitted listing will be reviewed by an internal editor for accuracy, consistency, and quality of content posted.  Second,  the conscious collective council, a volunteer third party group of top conscious/mindfulness leaders,  will have a set of standards for those listed around depth of experience, quality of program offered and verifiable references.  Lastly,  those listed will have a ratings/reviews filter that will allow for the community to speak on who is delivering on the promise of transformation and improvement.


To start, you will find a filterable directory of conscious programs, experiences (retreats/events) and coaches/consultants who all look to support the journey of being more conscious in how we show up in the world. Using the combination of ratings and reviews, alongside assessments to validate offerings, we seek to support those doing the real work in making lasting, sustainable change.

Leadership, Workplace, Trainer/Teacher and Self-Development are the major categories we cover and the “Type” of programs you can filter by are:
– Online Learning
– Retreats & Events
– Coaching
– Integrated Programs


The need to live with fulfillment, ease and joy has never been greater.  The pressures of the workplace are literally causing disease.   Societal values are non-existent.  Our connection to community and self has create a deep need of finding a better way to ‘be’ in the world.      In short, we need to accelerate human consciousness to reconnect with that which matters most.  A place to create the foundation to solve for all the challenges we facing including like detachment , loneliness, stress, anxiety:  social justice,  environmental protection, and a greater sense of meaning and purpose.

The directory is here to serve the need of finding the path with those that know the way.


To learn more about the Conscious Directory or become a founding member,  complete short form below.


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